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Why I love to travel to festivals

This month we’re trying to find out why most of us love to travel! One reason that often comes is down to festivals mainly as there’s so many and you can find really interesting ones. You’ll read about visiting the top festivals happening this February, so if any tickle your fancy then just let us know and we can see what else is happening. If you love to travel for a different reason then let us know #whyIlovetotravel

Rio Carnival, Brazil

Rio Carnival creates an atmosphere you will have never experienced, with over 2 million people on the streets each day you’ll definitely feel it fits its title of the world’s biggest carnival. Every aspect of the Rio carnival surrounds dancing and music, the most famous dance is carnival samba sure to get you on your feet. The festival goes straight into the next morning so make sure you’re prepared for a non-stop party!

Sapporo Snow Festival, Japan

Held over seven days in January the Sapporo Snow Festival, it’s one of the largest winter events and you’ll get to see hundreds of snow statues and ice sculptures at the Odori Park and Susukino sites. It will amaze you to see the number of stages made out of snow and how they’re constructed and some events including musical performances are held on them. The kids will love the long snow and ice slides as well as a huge maze made of snow!

Barranquila Carnival, Colombia

Barranquila Carnival is probably the next biggest after Rio. It’s more to do with celebrating Colombia's most important folklore. It all starts forty days before Holy Week, the city decks itself out to receive national and foreign tourists, and join together with the city's inhabitants to enjoy the four-day festivities. The streets often get so busy that it’s hard for any festivities to actually happen.

Ivrea Orange Festival

For the history aspect, Italy’s Ivrea Orange Festival might be right up your street. It brings together, history, tradition, spectacle, excitement and solemn ideals to the streets and squares of the town of Ivrea. In this event history and legend mingle to create a spectacular sequence crossing the centuries. In this commemoration every year the new version of the Carnival is celebrated a Festival involving the whole town, during which the community of Ivrea can show its self-determination so it’s fascinating to be a part of and a top must-see event.

Barcelona Carnival

The Barcelona Carnival is a week long programme of many big and small events and processions that starts with the arrival of the carnival King and finishes when the famous carnival sardine is buried. The special costumes, the typical disguises and wizards make this carnival so worth seeing. If you tend to dislike carnivals and would like to take refuge from the clownish goings, we can relieve your mind. In Barcelona, El Carnaval is not as ubiquitous as in Mainz at the carnival or the Swabian-Alemannic Fasnet.

These are only a few to mention, I’m sure there are plenty going on all over the world so why not explore the destinations that appeal to you so you can explore why you love to travel #whyIlovetotravel 

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Feb 03 2016
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