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Where to find a great deal if you are a late booker

You may know already there has been a growing trend of later and later booking for several years now. What is really surprising is just how late many people are leaving it. Searches for holidays peak about two to three weeks before the main school holidays – especially in early July, but also just before Easter and around now, a couple of weeks before the half-term break. If you are one of these late bookers then are you booking the ‘best’ deals?

Costa del Sol is a good old favourite and if you’re looking for a last minute deal you will always find something to suit everyone in the family in this region. It has been welcoming thousands to its shores for many years now and it’s not hard to understand why. Renowned for its white sandy beaches for relaxing and most resorts having top of the class kids clubs.
Turkey has so much to offer from bazaars, waterparks and rare Loggerhead turtles. Also operators are really selling this place this year. Two specific places that seem to be offering fantastic deals are the Dalaman region and Marmaris. 
The Dalaman region really does have something for everyone – miles of beautiful sandy beaches, stunning scenery, cities bursting with culture and more ancient ruins than you could shake a stick at. If you prefer the sound of Marmaris, you will find it a superb place to visit with its magical turquoise trails and mud bath beaches. And even though numbers of visitors are rising the place is still relativity untouched.
From rugged inland mountains where hikers and bikers enjoy the slow pace, to hushed sandy beaches where the only sounds are the sea lapping gently against the shore and the clink of your cold drinks arriving at your side, holidays in Corfu will thrill every type of holidaymaker. It might be better known as one of Greece's famed party isles, but lush green Corfu has so much more to offer than its glistening party crown. Find out what will be on when you travel and experience real Corfu by getting involved with the locals and attending an event or festival.

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Jun 15 2015
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