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Tips and Places to Visit when Travelling with your Family


 Picking the right destination

This is probably one of the most important tips for getting your holiday off on the right foot. You need to ask yourself certain questions that will ensure you pick the right place for your family holiday. Is it too hot? Will your little ones enjoy such extreme heat or will it just cause them to be an over-heated, dribbling mess for the entirety of the holiday? Is there enough to do? Whether you go all-inclusive or not you need to make sure there is enough entertainment, because I hate to break it to the mum’s and dad’s out there, as much as you enjoy laying on the sun lounger morning through afternoon, the kids may require a little more stimulation. Also, are you prepared to travel long-haul or is a short-haul flight better suited for your family? Especially if you know your children get bored easily.

 Organisation and Planning

Setting up an itinerary or plan of activities you want to do on your holiday makes sure you have enough time to do each thing instead of cramming everything in and becoming unorganised. Be realistic as to what you can do with your little ones in tow and make sure you plan for things they would enjoy and not just adult entertainment. Excursions may be an option available that is of interest to you as well as making smaller plans such as popular places to eat out.

If other family members are coming on the holiday, maybe schedule with them different times that they can mind the children whilst you can get some relaxation time. All chores should be split equally so there is a balance.

 Prepare… for Everything!

Illness, allergies and special needs are all factors that need to be accounted for. Ensure that if your child had a medical condition or allergy, you have enough medication to last the entirety of the holiday. If your child is in need of wheelchair access, ring your hotel or accommodation provider to make sure that this is accessible for them.

If you have any day trips planned, you should also make a list of things you may need. Yet again prescribed medication being an important one, but also the usual sun cream, hats, extra water, snacks and anything that you know keeps your child entertained (books, iPads, colouring etc). It’s also a good idea to take things such as antihistamine in case of the event of a bee sting – something I’ve experienced before on holiday, luckily mum was prepared and had already put the medicine down my throat before I had even realised that I had been stung!

It may seem extreme, but it’s always better to plan than to be caught short with a whining child who has a headache, is too hot and bored!

 Places to Visit:

Walt Disney World

This may be one of the most iconic family destinations in the world. Entertainment, rides and a constant flow of American junk food are the reasons for its success. It appeals to families because it’s an escape. You feel completely transported from your everyday life. Children of all ages love it, as well as adults who feel they’ve been taken back in time and their childhood memories of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck reignited.

Having been to Disney World, Orlando a fair few times I know the organisation involved as well as the budgeting throughout the year required. A holiday like this won’t come cheap but it is still possible. It creates memories that, as cheesy as it sounds, lasts a lifetime.


Situated south of Turkey, Cyprus has heavy Greek and Turkish influences depending on what side of the island you visit. It’s rich in culture – if it’s good enough for Aphrodite then it’s good enough for us, right? In the summer months you can expect up to forty-degree heat which you can soak up on one of the stunning beaches. The Cypriot people are more than willing to help and love to entertain small children. The food is great and there is such a carefree, relaxed atmosphere that it’s ideal for a family holiday.


Cancun has to be one of the most beautiful places to visit; the azure blue sea and sandy white beaches make this a popular tourist destination. The hotels are very Americanized making the standards high; you can expect great entertainment for the kids and the chance to relax for the parents. With many stunning hotels to choose from it’s hard to go wrong.

 All-inclusive and Kids Club Holidays

For families, an all-inclusive holiday takes away a bulk of the stress and worry that is normally associated with a family vacation. Many resorts offer child care facilities where the parents can be left to relax and sunbathe whilst their children are looked after by the hotel staff. They have the chance to make friends and enjoy activities such as snorkelling, sport and arts & crafts.

Similarly, Kids Club holidays offer exciting new experiences including themed parties with a standard matching that of the UK.


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Jul 26 2016
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