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Our Top Four Caribbean Destinations – For the 40 & Fabulous!



We really love Antigua! We get many bookings to go to this great Caribbean destination. Beautiful sandy white beaches where you can just kick back and relax – or take part in the vast amount of water sports. It’s definitely one of our favourites!


This is also a popular destination among our customers. With the unspoilt Havana, it’s like stepping back in time. You can take a ride in a vintage car or even roll a Cuban cigar and relax. Interested in even more relaxation? You can relax on Varadero beach and feel the sand in your toes! It’s a great destination if you are thinking to do something ‘different’ for your next holiday.

Going back to Havana, it is sometimes known as the sort of ‘dusty, busy and crumbling city’. However, it’s all for good reasons! It is the real authentic side of Cuba. It’s a sort of sultry, unspoilt, surreal step back in time. It really is like a time capsule of ambience, which is a real contrast to what you may see in many other Caribbean islands.


This beautiful place is compromised of 32 islands. The laid back and calm vibe of the islands will make you want to come back more than once! The islands have gorgeous sugary white sandy beaches and picture perfect blue waters. If you were to picture the ‘real’ Caribbean; it’s exactly what you would get. You can do some snorkelling and scuba diving, or take a boat across to Tobago Cays. If you really want to relax and chill, this place is for you!

You may or may not be aware, but St Vincent has a 4,000-foot active volcano on the island. If you are feeling adventurous, you can actually climb it! There’s a 3-mile hike where you can walk through the rainforest and bamboo groves before you reach the volcanic rocks. If that’s a little too adventurous for you, there is the ‘dark view’. Which is located in the southern part of the volcano. You can go through the bamboo forest and then go through to the beautiful waterfalls cascade that comes over the lava rocks. It will eventually lead you to the large natural pool where you can take a cooling dip!


One of our most popular destinations would be Barbados. There is so much to do there – whether you want to relax or want adventure, Barbados may be the place for you. The most famous part of the Island where you will find all of the high-end hotels is the West Coast. This is where you can also find the very famous Sandy Lane (you might just see a celebrity or two)! The Tamarind Cove, Crystal Cove, and The Fairmont are just some of the few amazing hotels in this area.

There is so much natural beauty in the Caribbean. Amazing beaches, beautiful scenery, refreshing blue seas and great island vibes. The only problem you will have is picking which island to visit first!

Chris Dewey

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